Bentonville Public Library proudly offers our Netbook loan program for patrons!  This community service was made possible by a generous grant from the Walton Family Foundation to the Bentonville Library Foundation.  Patrons may borrow a Netbook for a five-hour time period, to be used inside the library. 

Bentonville Public Library has established responsible policies and procedures to protect the Netbook investment.  The loan program consists of “kit” style packaging for the device, including accessories and program information. 


Benefits of Netbooks

  1. Netbooks are perfect for someone who needs to work on time-intensive projects.  Users are no longer tethered to a workstation, but may use a Netbook in their favorite BPL space.
  2. The Netbooks will also be used by library staff to present training programs and workshops, allowing participants in a class to get hands-on technology experience.
  3. Programs / software available on the Netbooks:
    1. Microsoft Office Pro 2010: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Publisher and SharePoint.  
    2. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Skype, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and the capability to connect to and print from the library’s public Wi-Fi network are also available.
    3. Specific programs are installed to protect Library settings on each device.
  • There is no charge for checking out a Netbook ... …it'’s free!
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